Acid & Metalliferous Drainage Tools

Earth Systems has developed a number of ‘in-house’ tools to assist with the management of AMD.  These tools include the Excel software-based tools;

  • ABATES – Acid Base Accounting Tools from Earth Systems
      • acidity calculator,
      • charge balance estimator,
      • NAPP estimator

Click Here to download the latest version of ABATES.

  • ImpactScan – Mineralogical Data Assessment Tool
      • mineralogical (hyperspectral & X-ray diffraction) based environmental assessments
      • AMD/ARD
      • leachate water quality issues
      • radioactive and fibrous minerals
      • sodicity and dispersivity
      • greenhouse gas emissions from geological materials

Contact ES Analytical for additional information on how ABATES, AMDact or ImpactScan can assist your site’s reporting, planning and management of AMD/ARD/NMD/ML issues.