Rapid, Low Cost Standardised ARD / AMD Risk Classification

Until now the only way to conduct an ARD / AMD risk classification was to engage a consultant to manually assess static geochemical datasets. Now there is a faster, cheaper alternative.

  • Satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Assess the potential for ARD / AMD
  • Understand potential water quality impacts
  • Waste rock management during operations
  • Manage mine waste for closure
  • Optimisation of waste rock pile design

The purpose of static test work is to classify the potential for geological materials (e.g. waste rock, tailings, ore stockpiles/heap leach pads) to generate acid and metalliferous drainage (ARD / AMD).

Standardised geochemical risk classifications can now be carried out using a software tool called AMDact developed by Earth Systems. AMDact incorporates static geochemical data provided by the Client and universally accepted NAPP, NAG and ANC/MPA (NP/AP) ratio cut-off values with over 20 years of Earth Systems’ experience interpreting static geochemical test results.

Classifications are based on the results from one (1) or more standard static test procedures including standard Acid Base Accounting Test procedures, Net Acid Generation (NAG) Tests, sulfur speciation test procedures, Total/Organic/Inorganic Carbon test procedures.

The geochemical risk classifications can include (depending on the available data) :

New AMD Classification Table
  • Neutral Mine / Metalliferous Drainage (NMD) potential.
  • Metal Leaching (ML) and Saline Drainage (SD) potential.
  • A list of recommended analytical parameters that could improve your assessment.
  • Reactive mineralogies calculated from your analytical data.
  • Tables and standardised plots depicting AMD/ARD risk statistics and data trends based on standard cut off values.
  • Identification of analytical inconsistencies.
  • Approaches to resolve the analytical inconsistencies.
  • Recommendations for additional static testwork
  • Sample recommendations for follow-up kinetic testwork.
  • Reports provided in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Reports can be requested in either North American (NP, AP, NNP) or Asia-Pacific (ANC, MPA, NAPP) formats. Example reports are available for download here. 

Current Pricing :

1 to 100 samples*                  $2,200

>100 samples*                       $2,200 (first 100 samples) + $ 22 per additional sample

*Note static geochemical test work is not included in the above pricing, pricing only includes risk classification and reporting. Conditions apply.

Contact ES ANALYTICAL special pricing for :

  • Ongoing routine mine production classification,
  • Rapid turnaround (1-2 days),
  • Other special requirements.

AMDact is currently being used by Earth Systems to provide industry clients with information for:

  • Regulatory approvals
  • Mine planning
  • Waste rock management during operations
  • Closure planning