Assessment of Hyperspectral and X-Ray Diffraction Data using ImpactScan

With the increased use of hyperspectral (HyLogger, Corescan, Terracore, PIMA) and X-Ray Diffraction data in resource assessment, exploration and mining companies have access to more detailed mineralogical data than ever before.  But is this data being transformed into information?

Earth Systems has developed a series of algorithms that convert mineralogical and geochemical data into information that can be used to model and predict key environmental outcomes.  With the right data inputs our algorithms can reveal potential hazards posed by:

  • Acid & Metalliferous Drainage (AMD) / Acid Rock Drainage (ARD).
  • Leachate water quality issues.
  • Radioactive and fibrous minerals.
  • Geological materials prone to sodicity and dispersivity (erosion).
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from geological materials.

ImpactScan enables improved assessment and management of environmental outcomes.

An example report file (converted to PDF format) can be downloaded here.
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