Sulfur speciation upgrade to AMD assessment & classification software tool

Sulfur Speciation Upgrade to AMD Assessment & Classification Tool (AMDact v.5.2)

PAF AMDact is a software tool developed by Earth Systems that uses a range of static geochemical data to assess and classify the potential for solid mine materials (waste rock, tailings, ore) to produce acid and/or metalliferous drainage.

AMDact is in the process of being upgraded to incorporate the results of sulfur and carbon speciation test work.  This will enable an assessment of the contributions of sulfide, acid-storing sulfate and non-acid storing sulfates, as well as providing a check on the carbonate contribution to ANC.

This upgrade will be of particular benefit for the assessment of oxidised materials, including overburden and waste rock.

This new upgrade will also have the capability of characterising and assessing Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS).

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