Earth Systems’ Environmental Geochemistry and Water Group is an industry leader in the provision of specialist geochemical and geochemical engineering to the mining and governmental regulatory sectors to assess, prevent and manage the potential impacts of AMD / ARD / NMD at all stages of project development including;

  • Advanced exploration
  • Feasibility
  • Operations
  • Closure
  • Rehabilitation (incl. derelict and abandoned sites)

Developed closely with the needs of our clients, Earth Systems can integrate AMD Management with mine planning and operations to minimise operation and post-closure AMD risk.  Key professional and specialist services include;

ARD pit
  • Geochemical Characterisation
  • Assessment and Classification
  • Software-based AMD / ARD Risk Assessments (AMDact)
  • Kinetic Testwork
  • Prediction
  • Prevention and Management
  • Waste Rock Dump Design, Cover Design & Management
  • Field Scale Trial of Waste Rock Dump Designs and Covers
  • Tailings Storage Facility Design & Management
  • Closure & Rehabilitation
  • Groundwater & Surface Water Quality Assessments
  • Aqueous Geochemical Modelling to Assess Water Treatment Requirements and Treatment Sludge Compositions
  • Water Treatment – Equipment and Contract Treatment Services
  • Advanced Analytical Services
  • Assistance with Regulatory Reporting / Approvals
  • Geochemical Workshops / Training


Contact Earth Systems for further information on how we can assist with AMD / ARD related issues.